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"I wish to reiterate that I am thrilled with the service you provide. Yesterday I worked with Nicolase Lesapo., and he walked me through things I could not even imagine how to do regarding getting new items installed on my blog site. He is courteous, very, very knowledgeable and especially tolerant of my hearing problem. I promote you guys every chance I get with my social media contacts who are writers and authors. Thank you, Nicolase, you are a superhero in my estimate."


Just wanted to say that Mind Gold Solution, did a great job assisting me today with a problem I was having getting PHP and email working. One of the reasons I switched hosting providers was for support

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I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about Web Hosting at Mind Gold Solution is that someone is always at the ready to help me.