Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Once you have an understanding of your current situation and have
used that information to inform SMART objectives you can begin
planning your strategy. At this point you should identify

New target markets

Identifying areas where your existing marketing
strategy and content can be improved AND
identifying new target markets to engage with
are two distinct strands of any good digital
marketing strategy.
Awareness Interest Trust
Streamlining your conversion funnel by improving your content and strategy can take
effect quickly whereas engaging new audiences can take more time and effort.
Action Complete
These two strategies are most effective when they are implemented together.

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Conversation Rate

  • Increasing the effectiveness of the conversion funnel by improving any existing marketing strategy and content
  • The Fastest growth occurs when these two improvements coincide
  • Increasing traffic to the website by engaging new target markets


If you think of your initial strategy as a skeleton, developing your
tactics is where you start adding flesh on to those bones. Your
strategy tells you generally how you’re going to achieve your
objectives, your tactics tells you exactly how. At this point you should be focusing on content:
What content you will produce and when: plan and schedule
When you will broadcast content: time of day, weekends
etc. Where you will share content: social and mobile
platforms How you will tailor content to suit different
It is here that your initial situation analysis and broad strategy
planning will begin to pay off


Planning your actions is the point when you decide who will be responsible for which aspect of your strategy and when they will be
implemented. You should outline the systems, processes and tools you will use throughout the duration of your marketing. Identify your internal capabilities and strategy and tactics and if necessary with relevant external agencies. Capacity for handling your set up working relationships

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Keeping control is essential for keeping your digital marketing
strategy streamlined and efficient, ensuring it generates the highest
return on investment.
It is important to decide when and how reports will be generated and
assign responsibility for doing so to avoid gaps in data collection.
Processes and tools you will use to collect data should also be
specified to make data sets reliably comparable.
Different measurement tools can differ in their results, to handle
collect data from several different analytics tools and take an

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Things you should include in your performance reporting

Consistently and constantly measure all the KPIs relevant to your objectives. That means taking data snapshots at regular intervals to allow data comparisons as well as tracking over time. Regularly run user testing on your website and content to ensure it is providing the best user experience possible. Monitor your conversion rates (these should be tied to your objectives) and make sure this is linked to dates, allowing you to map cause and effect. This will inform your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) efforts.

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