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benefits of selling online

What is e-commerce?

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.

Selling online: the benefits

Selling online has a number of advantages over other selling
methods, including:
• Low start up cost options.
• Expand customer market size.
• Diversify product offerings.
• Low overhead options.
• Save time & money.
• Reaching a global audience – increasing sales opportunities.
• Competing with larger businesses by being able to open 24
hours a day, seven days a week.
• Quicker payments from online transactions.
• Using your online shop as a catalogue for existing

Advantage of selling online

There are many good reasons for selling your
products or services online. Most clearly, selling
online increases your market reach and
creates opportunities to increase your overall
sales revenues. There are numerous motivations
for adopting online sales ranging from increasing
market reach, adding new products, competitive
advantage and more.
If a company is not online it will miss this entire
market share and opportunity to optimize
marketing, sales and business operations.

Free Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

This article provides all the information you
need to market your business simply and free. All it
takes is your time. Every business needs customers.
You need to keep the old ones and constantly find new
ones. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you
don’t tell your potential customers about it, they won’t
know you’re there and they won’t buy anything. So you
constantly need to market your business and its offering.
Marketing can be all time-consuming, and having a
strategy that targets exactly who you need to market to,
when, and how is the backbone of a successful business.
With a careful plan, you can make the most of all the
free marketing that’s out there. So read on and get your
business out there without paying a dime

mind gold solution marketing strategy

where to start

To own a successful business, you need to have paying
customers. You need to let customers know who you are,
what you sell, and where they can buy from you. As a
business owner, you’ll be bombarded with daily requests
to place ads, boost your online presence, take space at
an exhibition. All this marketing costs a lot of money,
and doesn’t always guarantee sales and brand awareness
growth. You may like to have a strategy that sets out
an advertising spend for the year in a trade magazine,
for example, or a national glossy, or it could be a local
magazine posted through local houses. You may feel
this brings you enough business. But isn’t it much better
to pay nothing for marketing your business? Wouldn’t
it be great to reach your potential customers without
spending a dime? It’s going to take some time and leg
work, but read on for some great marketing ideas for
your business, which won’t cost you anything

how to market your business

Understanding Your Customer

Before we start, let’s be clear, for any marketing to be successful, you need to know
who your customer is, what they want, and
why your business has the solution. For
example, a dog walker might think it’s a
good idea to have a flyer printed and post
it through 200 local houses. Sounds like a
good idea? A cheap flyer, and some shoe
leather? But what if only 10 of those houses
own a dog, and 5 of them already have a
dog walker, and 2 of them walk their own
dog? Doesn’t sound like such an effective
marketing strategy now, does it?
What if the dog walker went to a local
puppy training class and handed out
leaflets. First, the dog owners get to meet
the business owner and the person they
are trusting to look after their cherished
member of the family. All the people there
have a dog. This is clearly a much more
targeted marketing strategy.
If you can produce your own leaflets that
look professional, then you don’t even have
to pay for design and print; it’s really costing
you virtually nothing other than some
paper, ink, and your time handing them out
and meeting the new puppy owners.
The trick is to understand who your target
audience is—this is called segmentation.
Targeting and segmentation are part
of a three-part process referred to as
STP. STP stands for segmentation,
targeting and positioning, processes
that involve taking a close look at
your potential customers in order
to determine your marketing mix.
Targeting and segmentation help you
narrow down the market into more
manageable groups so you know
which segments to pursue in growing
your business. (Small Business Chron,
2017, online)
Before you start marketing, take some
time to understand who your customers
are, where they are, and how you provide
the answer to their problem.

market your business

8 steps to marketing your business

Conduct market research. Profile your target markets. Identify your unique selling proposition. Develop your business brand. Choose your marketing avenues. Set your goals and budget. Nurture your loyal customers. Monitor and review.